Higher Education matters.  The effect on individuals can be transformative, as can the effect on society as a whole.  One of my chief annoyances has always been the argument that More Means Worse.   In other words, that higher education should only be an elite pursuit.  This argument manages to simultaneously misrepresent the past and betray our future.

I am a career administrator; an academic registrar. This blog is a hobby – hence the very intermittent postings on here.  Nothing on here is supposed to represent the views of the very different universities I have studied or worked at.

Outside the refectory at the University of Leeds

Mike Ratcliffe – outside the Union & Refectory at the University of Leeds

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  1. Everybody wonders why all these ‘bogus colleges’ still remained designated.
    It is a Ponzi Scheme well known to the governmental institutions. The acreditation process has completely transformed into a bogus operation.
    I am a former student of St.Patricks College ,an alternative provider recognised as listed body to deliver courses leading to degree.
    Pearson Edexcel ,the recognised body and the owner of the HNC/ HND’s trademark is delivering HND’s across UK .Pearson is a con artist.They are selling old customised non regulated provisions outside the national framework as courses leading to degree,fraudulently registered them with a recognised learning aim in order to access public funds.
    I have finished an HND Law leading to degree. It turned out that the course was an old customised non regulated provision and so the award- a Diploma with 96 credits per entire course,outside the national framework,set at Pass only with centre devise units.
    The course had enrolled international students ,my colleagues who have been sent home due to the withdrawal of Tier 4 innSt.Patricks College. Pearson has withdrawn the School of Law in St.Patricks College in 201l6 under students pressure and now the college still waiting to get into the Register.
    QAA is a corupted institution up to the highest levels.Everybody is playing a blind eye because it is a coruption from A to Z and students are used only as bodies entries.
    What statistics you are talking about when fake degrees are sold under legitimate appearances. Journalists are running scared,I been threaten myself for daring to dig into the matter. If there is someone out there interested and courageous enough you can contact me on eminandhu@yahoo.co.uk .I have proofs of coruption and conspiracy, fraud degree and fraud in student loan.Eventually ,the case will hit the court and the scandal will be bigger than the one of the alleged fraud of the Corinthian Colleges in US.

    • The good news is that OfS has ben set up to deal with this. Personally, I think the boom & bust of HNC/D provision 2012-2018 should be subject to a proper inquiry – by a body with powers similar to the NAO. Millions were borrowed by students who probably have little to show for it, and much of that public money has ended up with the owners of now defunct providers.

      • I can assure ,that OFS is just pretending to do the job,if you asking me with no much diference from its predecesors BIS and HEFCE; OFS answer in response to my complaint of a fraud degree and fraud in student loan was totally out of context. They said that St.Patricks College is not in the Register now,therefore ,it is nothing more they can do about it,regardless the proofs sent to them of a fraud perpetrated for years over a HND Law degree. Now I am waiting for an answer following a complaint against QAA ,an institution corupted up to the highest level . QAA had make false statements about the HND’s in St.Patricks College.In true, the institution had no remit in the college since all the HND’s courses in St.Patricks were old customised non regulated provisions. The evidences are speaking for themselves.No wonder why, Pearson has quickly withdrawn it’s own HND’s from Grafton College when the alleged fraud in student loan was made by BBC Panorama.
        Despite the active participation in a fraud perpetrated for years in the higher education sector and following its practices of deceit towards the Home Ofice ,QAA yet has been declared fit for purpose and successfully continuing to work on OFS behalf ,assessing higher education courses nationally and internationally as an institution with full integrity.
        NAO, on the other hand considers that an intervention in Pearson and St.Patricks bussiness will be unjustifiable ,therefore, they do not wanted to jeopardise this floureshing Bussiness of billions of pounds.
        The actual director of NAO answer was a laughing stock. They probably think that students can be fooled again like they been in 2014. Not this time. Pearson go so far this time ,so many mistakes ,therefore ,things cannot be undo.However ,the university refused to comment how an old customised non regulated provision has been approved as QLD by the Bar; probably, a question to be answered by the Bar Board.. and equally by the DFE. The course in Stadforshire University has been withdrawn from Stadforshire list after I have informed them but no further comments.
        In conclusion,I just hope that are genuine people out there who still care about higher education in UK and want to keep the reputation as it was until now with high regard internationally.

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