B.I.G. Consultation: Staff Uniforms

This is the time of year when the media find lost memos or leaked documents.  In contrast, this is a circulation that went around my then college, probably 18 years ago (the screen shot I have has the date but not the year).     It must have been in the late-1990s, judging by the concern about a single pay spine and the colours in the official corporate branding. The gender distinctions were probably already seriously outdated back then.

The Bright Ideas Group (BIG) are pleased to announce their latest consultation on customer care initiatives: staff uniforms.

It’s increasingly important to be able to differentiate between the customers and staff, and to this end the Group are proposing to roll out staff uniforms across the College’s staff.  The existing uniforms will be integrated into a scheme, providing continuity, but differentiation between groups.  

Different working conditions will require different forms of uniform: so these will be tailored within the scheme.   Colour will be an important part of the differentiation, using the established colour palate, so that the core garments will match each other.  Further differentiation of subjects or departments will follow by the adoption of different logos that can be displayed on the core garment which will provide unit identity and lead to better customer discrimination between staff members.

Indicators of seniority can also be used, very subtly, so that customers will be able to gauge the level of the staff member they are addressing.  Staff will be pleased that the group has ruled out gold braid as the key indicator (for most staff) in favour of small badges to be affixed under the name badge (these probably to take the form of small mitres, with the number of mitres indicating position on the new single pay spine)

The basic core garment will be a shirt/blouse for office based staff, with a polo shirt option.  The shirt will feature College logo and unit logo and provide a space for the name badge to be worn.  A generic College tie will be provided for men that will pick up all the College palate colours.

Sweat shirts and jackets will be provided as well.  Each of these will have the logos – so that these can be used as over garments.  A range of options will be provided, but will be linked to the type of job: sports jackets for academic staff, for example, or a classic flying jacket for senior managers.

Trousers and skirts will be left to staff choice – but guidelines will be provided (a further specialised working party will be formed whose terms of reference will include allowable skirt and trouser options in line with existing College policies).

The Bright Ideas Group would welcome any input: however, as long consultations tend to have limited impact, staff will need to respond before 12noon today, 1 April. 

The College logo was then based on the diocesan coat of arms – hence the mitres.  There was quite a lot of excitement about the proposal, but the Bright Ideas Group seemed not to really get behind it.



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