Bogus Colleges (5) Analysis of the ‘Nearly 900’

The Home Office has very kindly supplied me with the list of the ‘nearly 900’ providers who have been removed from the UKVI Tier 4 list.  Excitingly, there are 890 entries in the list, so that clearly satisfies the ‘nearly 900’ that James Brokenshire  included in his defence of immigration policies

“We have slashed student fraud, struck off nearly 900 bogus colleges, and toughened access to welfare and housing. But with nearly 100,000 non-EU students remaining in the UK at the end of their courses and British business still overly reliant on foreign workers in a number of sectors there is much more to do”.

However, looking through the list confirms that it has the same issues as before: duplicates; providers returned to the register; and perfectly respectable education providers not now on the register.  So, if the list of ‘nearly 900’ is cited just for the turn-over on the register, that’s accurate.  If it’s cited for ‘bogus colleges’ then its not.

The Home Office has refused to provide data on which providers have been removed ‘against their will’ – which would at least provide a category of places that were failing to meet their sponsor obligations.   Even this subset will not tell us which were ‘bogus colleges’: as we know, that will include places that consider themselves unfortunate to have failed UKVI’s tests.

The data that the Home Office has supplied makes full analysis complex – I only have the names of providers – but it is possible to discern some trends.


The list of ‘nearly 900’ includes a number of providers with duplicate entries.  I cannot be absolutely certain, but 15 are certainly duplicates and at least another 15 are very likely to be.   There are entries for both  Grenville College London and Grenville College London Ltd – possibly the second entry was just for the inclusion of ‘Ltd’ – but it has been removed twice from the register.  I cannot tell where a provider has changed business name – but UKVI will know.


At least 45 providers are on the ‘nearly 900’ list but also currently on the register.  In HE we all know about London Metropolitan University, but providers such as Hereford Cathedral School, Magdalen College School and The Purcell School are also on the list.  At some point they have come off but are back on.

Not ‘Bogus’

A larger group still are the places that no longer feature on the register, are on the ‘nearly 900’ list but in normal usage would not be seen as ‘bogus’.   We can’t tell whether they failed to meet the requirements to sponsor students or whether they just decided to come off the register.  Clearly since 2010 the requirements have become more onerous; a college that once sponsored a few international students could quite rationally decide that this was too much.  I counted 80 places that were on the ‘nearly 900’ list but are going about their business today – from A+ English to the Working Men’s College.  The largest group are schools and FE colleges – consistent with my hypothesis that sponsoring students is not worth their effort.

Nearly 750

Clearly many of the providers not on the list were ‘bogus’.  I wonder whether the Home Office considered whether they were actually fraudulent – quite rightly in the US some court proceedings have been brought against diploma mills and visa scams.  Here we seem content to just to close the provider.  There should be no place for the likes of the ‘Royal College of London’.

But ministers should find a way to have a proper assessment of how many bogus colleges have been closed.    It may take too long to justify my FOI request – but I think the Home Office should still invest that time to understand the ‘nearly 900’ list and then to stop ministers pretending that the  Archbishop Ilsley Catholic Technology College, Haberdashers’ Aske School for Girls, or Palmers’ College are ‘bogus colleges’.

New to the list

The following providers are 54 new entries to the ‘nearly 900’ list – places that have been removed from the sponsors register between October 2014 and October 2015.   There are providers still offering non-HE courses – but just not to tier 4 students (360 GSP College or Calvary Chapel Bible College York) and some who are designated by BIS to offer HE (St Patricks College, UK College of Business and Computing) who we must assume are not ‘bogus colleges’ as the UK Government is subsidising student loans at them.

360 GSP College
A2Z School of English
Beth Yaakov Seminary for Girls
Birmingham Informatics College Ltd.
Birmingham Management College
Calvary Chapel Bible College York
Central College of Studies
City College Nottingham
City School of Languages Limited
East End Computing & Business College
Edwards College Ltd
Essex College of Management and IT Limited
EThames Graduate School
Futures College
Gemal College
Goldsmith IBS Limited (Goldsmith International Business School)
Jamia Al – Karam
London College of Advanced Management
London College of Business Ltd.
London College of Finance & Accounting
London Learning Centre
London Premier College Limited
London School of Advanced Studies
London School Of Business Management
London School of Law
Manchester College of IT & Business
Meridian Business School Ltd
Modern Manchester Academy
motor industry training
Opal College
R260 Test Sponsor
Radcliffe College
Rose of York Language School
Select Global Learning Limited t/a Select International College Ltd
Sharp Development Solutions Ltd. T/A SDS College London
South Chelsea International College Ltd.
South London College
St Patrick’s International College
Study Solution Ltd T/A Finance & Technology Institute of London
Unipro College London
West George College
West London College of Business & Management Sciences – Manchester Campus Ltd
Zaskin College

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