A picture paints a thousand words 

Clearly, if you write up a complex piece of research for your newspaper, and your paper has a clear editorial line, there is a balancing act to be struck. And so the Telegraph (often the natural home of the More Means Worse argument) set to work on HEFCE’s research on students in graduate roles with this article: One fifth of graduates not in ‘professional roles’

First, I note the ‘glass is one fifth empty’ approach of the headline and opening sentence. Interestingly the link offered is not to the HEFCE research but to a previous Telegraph article that had claimed ‘almost half’ of graduates were in non-graduate roles.  Refreshing that they’re not worried by their lack of consistency.

But, in addition to the now obligatory photo of the backs of heads of people in academic dress, the most egregious part of this is the other photo they included – just to make it abundantly clear what the paper thinks of modern university education…


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